How to Buy

Our Customers:

BlueLinx’ customers represent a highly diverse group of companies representing 11,500 individual businesses with over 25,000 locations across North America. Our customer base is divided across multiple market segments and various end-use markets, including building materials dealers, industrial users of building products, manufactured housing builders and home improvement centers. Please see below to find where you can purchase products that BlueLinx distributes.

Builders & Contractors:

BlueLinx sells to builders and contractors through an extensive network of dealer customers across the United States, Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean Islands.

Dealers & Industrial:

BlueLinx sells to dealers, industrial customers, manufactured/modular home builders and home improvement centers through a network of 40 warehouses and 50+ reloads. Customers purchase products from BlueLinx through company-provided credit lines that act as a source of working capital for many businesses. For information on how to become a new customer or to renew your credit line with BlueLinx, please visit New Customer for more information. For more information on products that we stock in your local area, please click Dealer/Industrial.

Sales Terms and Conditions