BlueLinx delivers building products and services that are economical, sustainable and, most of all, create an ecologically conscious building envelope.

BlueLinx helps customers meet a growing and untapped market, which all drive a compelling opportunity to make a notable difference in our world.

FACT: Green market trend is now market protocol.
Regulations & Policies are in place driving sustainable building practices. Many communities are dictating that building cannot even take place unless it follows particular green guidelines, such as LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design). Government, financial institutes, corporations, insurance agencies and associations are enforcing, rewarding, and fueling the sustainability market. In some cases, they are even penalizing for not implementing green practices.

SIGNIFICANCE: Gain market share or lose it.
It is smart business to fill current demand & capture future opportunity. Customers are asking for it! Manufacturers are pursuing it! The media likes it! While the building market is slowing, green building is seeing exponential growth that doesn’t show any signs of slowing, but is actually picking up speed rapidly. What was once a “nice” to have in building is now a “must” have. The properties that are moving the most are those that encompass green products and building practices. If you want that business, you’ll to need decide on your role in the green movement.

VALUE: Increases the health of economy, environment & life.

  • Property value
  • Benefits in securing financing & tax breaks
  • Operating efficiency & savings
  • Lifecycle performance & lifestyle
  • Health, productivity & safety

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