Doma Studio™ Updates

Doma Studio™ Update Instructions

Instructions for electronically updating onCENTER™ Engineered Lumber Software Applications from BlueLinx Corporation

Updating your software requires three steps:

  1. Verification of your authorization to continue to use the software
  2. Downloading the update file to your computer or receiving a CD by mail
  3. Running the update file

Doma Studio Updates

In order to electronically verify your authorization, you must enter your company name and Doma Sizer™ license code. This information and your last name are checked against our database for authorization to receive the latest update. The licensed company name and license code are contained in your Doma Sizer™ license file and must be entered exactly as shown on the order form. In order to correctly enter the information on the verification web site, open Doma Sizer™, point your mouse to the Help menu, then point to Company Info. When the Company Information window pops up, click the Print Order Form button. Retrieve the printed order form and locate your company name and license code. (Note, if Doma Sizer has expired, the order form will print automatically.)

Locate the following information on the update request form. If you would prefer to receive the update on CD, fax the request form to BlueLinx Corporation at 770-221-8902. Be sure to verify that all information is correct. (Changes can be made in the Company Info pop-up window.)

From:Your Name

1234 Main St.
Anywhere, US 123456
(123) 123-4567

License Code: 6094888FBICCBE*
Disk Serial #: 11221-FB
Customer Code: YOU1221ANY
Program Ver:

*Denotes a required field. Information must be entered exactly as it appears in your Doma Sizer™ license file.