BluePlans – Northeast Design Services

Welcome to BluePlans – Northeast!

Servicing BlueLinx Facilities in Bellingham, MA; Portland, ME; Burlington, VT; Buffalo, NY; and Pittsburgh, PA


Work Order Requests

All work order requests can be made using the following link: BluePlans Work Order Requests



Alternate Method



Please include the following:

Company name & location
Your name, email and phone number
Project name & location (include city/state)
Your requested return date – please allow 5 business days for residential & 10 days for HDH/Com work
What services you are requesting?
–  Full layout and design
–  Placing plan per plan and spec (no design)
–  Quick budget estimate – not for construction
–  Material list and estimate only
–  Member calculations
–  State sealed cover letter for member calculations
–  Tall wall design



If your files are over 30MB, then please use the link after completing the online form or email to send us your files.