The BlueLinx Advantage

The BlueLinx Advantage

Drawing from years of experience in the building products industry, our professional team works closely with each of our customers and suppliers to provide tailored solutions. With a unique combination of market position and coverage, the strength of a local and national sales force, the buying power of centralized procurement, and the efficiencies of centralized accounting and systems technologies, BlueLinx is able to provide a wide range of value-added services and solutions to our customers and suppliers.

Value to Manufacturers

  • Reliable channels to market
  • Consistent production runs
  • Limits inventory investment
  • Allows limited number of customers
  • Limits credit risk and receivable investment
  • Creates markets for early life cycle products

Value to Customers

  • Reliable source of many materials
  • Break bulk quantities
  • Near 100% fill rates
  • Limits vendors, inventory investment and related carrying costs
  • Just-in-time deliveries
  • Safety stock
  • Distribution services

Our sophisticated logistics network and customer service ensures that our customers can count on us for reliable, efficient deliveries and unique business solutions. To learn more about what BlueLinx can do for your business, Contact Us.