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BlueLinx Forest Resources Policy

Through our Responsible Wood Purchasing Program, BlueLinx delivers high-performance, quality materials that do not contribute to the degradation of forests and other natural systems.

Integral to providing the best possible service to our customers and our role as a leader in delivering building products and solutions is the belief that our business should contribute to the conservation of natural resources upon which our industry depends. BlueLinx is committed to creating the connections between people, products, and markets to conserve, protect and restore our natural resources. As a cornerstone of that commitment, BlueLinx will pursue a Responsible Wood Purchasing Program to promote the development of markets for environmentally responsible forest products and to manage and reduce the environmental impacts of our industry. Through our Responsible Wood Purchasing Program, BlueLinx will deliver on a promise to our customers to deliver high performance, quality materials that do not contribute to the degradation of forests and other natural systems.


BlueLinx recognizes that we have a responsibility to the environment and, in particular, a responsibility to promote the sustainable management, conservation, protection and restoration of the world’s forests. As a leader in the building products sector, BlueLinx is positioned to influence the supply and demand in the global market for wood-based building products, and thus contribute to the development of environmental solutions that influence responsible forest management. BlueLinx fully supports responsible forest management practices that promote ecosystem sustainability, and long-term social and economic benefits.

BlueLinx will prefer to do business with suppliers who are legitimately certified or are participants in programs to obtain legitimate certifications.

Toward these ends, BlueLinx hereby establishes the following policy commitments:


1.    BlueLinx requires vendors and associated suppliers to trace the origin of products to ensure legal and responsible forestry practices.
Explanation: Traceability in the forest product supply chain is crucial to assessing whether or not the forest products used were derived through environmentally responsible means.

2.    BlueLinx requires that vendors and associated suppliers declare compliance with all legal requirements for forest management, harvest, manufacturing and trade.
Explanation: BlueLinx will work to ensure that no market advantage is realized by suppliers that circumvent the law, and to encourage support for forest conservation, protection and environmental law enforcement mechanisms. 

3.    BlueLinx encourages our suppliers to eliminate purchase of wood, paper and other forest products from high  conservation value forests unless these operations are legitimately certified or committed to progressing towards certification.
Explanation: BlueLinx supports the transition away from forest harvesting practices that lead to environmental degradation and will embrace a scientifically legitimate, land-based assessment to identify and appropriately manage forests that contain exceptional environmental value. BlueLinx will remain aware of controversial source areas that may be identified by internal and external stakeholders.

4.    BlueLinx gives purchasing preference to products from legitimately certified, well-managed forests and those from suppliers that have made a commitment to progress towards legitimate certification.
Explanation: BlueLinx promotes the development of markets for environmentally preferable products by supporting certification of best management practices through the purchase of legitimately certified forest products.

5.   BlueLinx promotes the efficient use of wood, paper and other forest products.
Explanation: BlueLinx intends to contribute to efforts that maximize use of the entire fiber resource. 

Rainforest Alliance Certification Service

Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody

Certification Letter

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